Thursday, February 10, 2011

So, I started a blog.

 First of all, my disclaimers.  I am not a writer.  English and Literature were my least favorite subjects in school.  I am also not a photographer.  I know the quality of my pictures is amateur at best.  I'm also not trying to be like anyone else.  I know there are blogs out there about the same things I'm writing about.  I follow a few of them.  Now, on to the reasons for starting this blog.

My kids are freaks.  It's true.  I know what many of you are saying.  "Well, so what.  My kids are freaks too."  I've had so many people say "You could write a book" or "That could only happen to you" that I just feel compelled to share their freakness with the world.  And this is the cheapest, easiest way to do that.  Which brings me to my next reason...

I only do things cheap and easy.  I HATE spending time and money on things.  So, I'll also be sharing some money saving tips, cheap and simple recipes, cheap entertainment for the freaks, and probably my opinion on wasteful spending.

I'm also a mother of multiples.  This makes me an expert on pretty much everything.  If you're a mother (or father) of multiples you totally know what I'm saying.  I could write a book on just twin things.  Maybe someday I will.

Don't be surprised if you also read lots of randomness.  I tend to be random.  And sarcastic.  Very sarcastic.  Which brings me to my final thought (for now)... I say things that people are thinking but are too nice or afraid to say (or type) out loud.  I just can't help myself.  Alright, let's do this.


  1. I am tingling with anticipation of the hilarity that will undoubtedly ensue. Bring on the insanity!

  2. I'm so excited for you! This will be fun!

  3. I will be following you! I blog too but I'm not brave enough to share it with the world. You go girl!