Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cheap and Simple Stuff: Shopping the Sales!

I love to shop.  I hate to shop for clothes for myself, but other than that, I love to shop.  A lot.  I love to buy cereal, crayons, shoes, cute boxes, picture frames, clothes for the girls, clothes for the hubby, flowers and plants, and so on and so on.  When we learned we were having twins, we knew we had to tame a lot of our habits.  My biggest one being shopping.  Enter the MoneySavingQueen, Sarah Roe.  Sarah and her MoneySaving gals have taught me SO MUCH.  I highly, highly recommend visiting the forums at and also reading and watching Sarah's tutorials.  Great information!

One of the biggest tips I've learned along the way is to shop sales.  This is a hard concept for some people to get, including my hubby.  I think people just don't realize how MUCH food and household items their families actually use.  My dainty little girls can eat an entire package of cookies in 2 days (they might have had help from mommy and daddy).  So, when cookies are on sale, I buy 3-4 packages at a time.  And hide 2 of them.  I could buy one package at a time at regular price $3.  Or I could buy 4 packages on sale for $2.50 and use a $1 off 2 pkg coupon to get them for $2 each.  A savings of $4 on 4 pkgs.  See?  (P.S.  We'll talk about coupons, double coupons, price matching, and store coupons another time.)

When I first started couponing and stockpiling (the term for stocking up during sales), I would right the date I opened a product on the product with a marker.  That way I knew exactly how long a product would last in our home.  Laundry soap was lasting about a month.  So if laundry soap goes on sale every 3 months like the experts say, I need to buy 3 bottles at a time.  That way I have enough to last until it's on sale again.

And it doesn't only apply to grocery items.  The past two days I have gotten two AMAZING deals on household items.  At Hobby Lobby yesterday I was checking to see if photo boxes were on sale.  They were not.  But I can't leave a store without checking out the clearance section.  90% off!  woohooo!  I picked up 4 medium and 1 large picture frames for $9 total.  Why do I need 5 picture frames?  I have been planning a bulletin board project for quite some time and thought maybe the large one would work for it.  And the medium frames were $1 each.  They could also work for bulletin boards.  These frames were regularly $10 and $50 (!) each.  Do I need them right now?  Probably not.  The large one wasn't even big enough for what I had planned.  But I will use them to make bulletin boards, or whatever, and won't have to buy them at full price when I'm ready to use them.

Then, today at Target I picked up a set of Kitchen-Aid knives for $6.24...regularly $49.99!!!  I've had my eye on a set of these for YEARS!

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  1. I NEED those knives! Good job, girl! You're my hero!