Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Outside my window

I'm one of those "find something good or beautiful in every situation" kind of people.  We live in the middle of an old pasture.  No trees.  Some of the houses around us are a little less than pretty.  But all of them have something interesting or pretty on their properties.  An old rusty barn, horses, ponds, etc.  And they are all super nice people.  Couldn't ask for better neighbors.  And without many trees around us, we get unobstructed views of sunsets and sunrises and thunderstorms moving in and out.  So, here are a few snapshots of what's outside my window...

It was smokey the other morning when the sun was rising.  Made everything pinkish purplish.  Smelled good too.

I'm a nerd and think things like this are neat.  The sun was rising but the moon and one star next to the moon were still really bright.

Thunderstorms + Bright sunshine = Really bright rainbows

And sometimes double rainbows

The sun trying to break through some clouds

A thunderstorm about 10 miles north of us.  It was a pretty big one and I was glad it was over there and not here.

See?  Did you notice anything ugly?

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