Saturday, March 5, 2011

Project 64: White #9

Time for another color over at Project 64 (does anyone else want to type Project 86 every time.  No?  Just me?  Love that band.  Look them up.)

I just knew I could find a whole bunch of white on my travels.  Not sure which one I'll pick for the project though.

This is my neighbor's horse.  I love horses.  I love them even more when they belong to my neighbors.  It's like having horses but without all the work.  And all the horses around us are pretty friendly.  They come right up to the fence when we're outside.

This is a barn near Dewey.

This is the Dewey Hotel Museum.  I'm starting to really like Dewey.  Lots of history in this picture.  I think that sign says that's the water well that Tom Mix watered his horses from.  (The Tom Mix museum is across the street by the way)

Dewey water tower

Cemetary near Dewey.

Went driving around the big city of Wann, Oklahoma.  It took about 12 seconds.  Saw this sign in front of the "cowboy church" there (which is the only church, by the way).


  1. Hmm. the sign seems open to interpretation. Does one have to be both handicapped AND elderly to park there? Just wonderin'

  2. Ha! Most of the residents of Wann fit both categories anyway. I should have took a pic of the whole row. Every spot had this sign.

  3. Too funny - I actually get this sign, though because here in Atlanta there are some very healthy looking "handicap" drivers. Love the white horse and I'm with you liking when they belong to someone else!

  4. The horse, hands down, is my favorite. And the light flare in the center of her forehead adds sort of a magical touch! Maybe she's really a unicorn at heart.

  5. fun white finds! I love the horse, wish my neighbors had some! thanks for playing along at p64!

  6. Hi there,
    I just had to visit your blog...for 2 reasons...I love the name (Tee-hee) and the photo of the horse!!! Hmmm - and I think my favorite white photo is that sign!!

  7. There are more churches in Wann.....