Saturday, April 9, 2011

And Justice for All?

This is actually quite old but I thought I'd share anyway.  Not sure why I didn't post it earlier.

    We recently celebrated our daughter, Ashlyn's 6th birthday.  One of the gifts she was received was a super cute outfit from Justice.  I didn't give it a second thought after glancing at it until she excitedly ripped it out of the bag exclaiming, "It's from Justice!!!" Oh, crap.

  Fast forward a couple of weeks.  I sometimes take Ashlyn grocery shopping with me so we can have some mommy-daughter time away from the little girls.  We pulled into the Target parking lot and she says, "You know that store Justice is here somewhere?" Trying to act clueless I reply, "Oh yeah?" hoping that would be the end of the conversation.  Since Mrs. Fisher taught her to read she then says, "Oh, look!  There it is!  Right next to Target! Maybe we can just go in and look."  This is the moment our lives would change forever.

    When we entered Justice I knew instantly that I had made a terrible mistake.  The store was full of SUPER CUTE "Ashlyn" clothes!  Everything was covered in cute puppies and sparkly bling!  There were even accessories that coordinated with every piece of clothing.  My bargain hunting self quickly located the 40% off signs and huge clearance section.  "Ok, maybe this won't be so bad." WRONG!  40% off of expensive is still expensive!  She had her heart set on a sparkly purse and I found a couple of $4 layering tees.  We made it out for under $25.
     When we found out we were having twins we quickly figured out we would have 3 girls in high school at the same time.  Until now I've tried my hardest to shield them from designer jeans and $40 shirts.  I rarely buy a piece of clothing for them that costs more than $3-$4.  I can't remember the last time I took them to a mall (other than Bartlesville, but that's not a real mall).

  So, what's the big deal?  Why does Justice make me feel like I'm having a stroke?  First of all, take 3 tween girls in there and buy one outfit each.  $30 shirt x 3.  $30 jeans x 3.  $20 cute sparkly purse x 3.  We're at $240 already and haven't even bought shoes, jewelry, or that super cute sequin vest yet.  Even at 40% off that’s still $140.  Second of all, why do clothes have to cost so much?  Why do we pay $30 for a shirt at Justice when we can walk next door and buy one for $8 at Target (or $2 on clearance) or 0.25 at a garage sale down the road.  I like to think that even if I was a millionaire I wouldn't give in to over-priced name brand clothing.  As it stands now, I'll have to work just to support my girls' wardrobe for the next 15 years.

This is a horrible picture but you get the point.  Cute.  Sparkly.  Faux-fur trim.  Huge smile.


  1. Moments like yours make me SOOOOOOOO glad I have a boy. If it doesn't have food, dirt, or poop all over it, it's wearable.

  2. Boys are not immune. You just have a few more years until he cares.

  3. I love Justice!! I can't wait until Hanah can fit into their clothes. But yes they are super expensive. My kids wear a lot of Target clothes and garage sale clothes but we do buy some name brands. Lucas has Abercrombie and Aeropostale hoodies and jeans and some tees too I think. I love to shop for Hanah at Gymboree. Noah on the other hand still stains almost everything he wears so I stick to Gap, Old Navy and Childrens Place for him.

  4. But I will add, I am a sale shopper. Most of their clothes I buy at the end of that same season the year before.