Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cheap and Simple Stuff: Monday Menu 4*11

Our menu for the next two weeks.  Recipes will be posted as I make 'em.

Monday - Beans and Cornbread and Tators  (oops!  Is it Monday already?!?!  Forgot to put the beans on!  Another day.)

Tuesday - Spaghetti

Wednesday - Baked Pasta with Chicken (use "leftovers" for pizza)

Thursday - Taco Soup with Sneaky Veggies

Friday - Chicken Fajita Pizza (use "leftover" chicken and veggies from pasta night)

Saturday - ?  I have to decorate and deliver a wedding cake this day so not sure what we'll do for dinner.

Sunday - Gma's (that's short for Grandma's ;))

Monday - Lasagna with Sneaky Spinach (gotta sneak the veggies in, guys)

Tuesday - Nachos

Wednesday - Potato Soup

Thursday - Spaghetti

As always, these are subject to change.

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