Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Healthy Snacks

Every few months I freak out and eliminate all kinds of junk food from our house. It's usually an effort to decrease sugar and fat in our diets, which is always good, but this time I also feel the need to reduce processed and pesticide-laden food from our diets as well. Unfortunately, small town Oklahoma doesn't afford too many options in the organic food department and I just don't have time to grow my own food. So, we're making small changes. I buy organic and locally grown foods when I can and we're trading in Chips Ahoy for fruit. These are some of our recent concoctions. Bare in mind, I said small changes. I know we can do better and I plan to slowly work in that direction. I don't want my family to go into shock by completely eliminating sugar and caffeine from their diets.

Trail Mix - this stuff is the devil...meaning I can't stop eating it.  It's also one of those not-so-healthy snacks but it's gotten my kids to try new things which is a giant leap in to healthy eating for them.
Ingredients: Teddy Grahams (you could totally buy organic grahams)
Pretzels (REALLY low fat, like zero)
Yogurt covered raisins (which I think are kind of deceiving.  they don't have much nutritional value)
Almonds (these actually are healthy)
white and milk chocolate chips (because we can't eat anything that's not chocolate apparently.  you could use dark chocolate)

Fruit Pizza - this one can become healthy over time by using a different base and spread.  My kids just aren't open to it right now.
Ingredients: Sugar cookie (I bought individual sugar cookies to give everyone a reasonable portion)
Frosting (yikes)
fruit of your choice (again, could be organic)

Apple Rings - This one was a hit.
Ingredients: Apples, cored and cut into rings
Peanut Butter ( I buy "natural" peanut butter, not sure if it's any better than regular)
Chocolate chips (The chocolate chips can slowly be traded out for raisins)

Ants on a Log - um, they just licked the peanut butter and chocolate chips off.
Ingredients: Celery
Peanut Butter
Chocolate Chips (or raisins)

We also had smoothies one night after dinner -  Ingredients: Yogurt, Fruit, Juice, Ice - and the kids loved them.

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