Saturday, June 25, 2011

Splash Park #3 Collinsville + Library

Wow!  Why is Summer so dang busy?!?!  We're supposed to be lounging around, taking leisurely trips to the park, and sitting poolside.  I guess when a 6 and a half year old and 3 year old twins are involved, nothing is leisurely.

We missed the River Parks splash park last week because of storms.  This week we ventured over to Collinsville to their City Park.  It can be a little tricky to find if you've never been to Collinsville.  The park is located on Garnett Rd south of Broadway and Main on the west side of town.

Collinsville's splash park provides many of the same features as Skiatook's: plenty of shade, large play areas, play area close to splash park, clean bathrooms, water fountain, plenty of seating. 

There are two playgrounds.  One for younger kids and one for older.  I don't recommend the one in the background on the left for younger kids.  Look at that funky slide.  Yikes!

Next we headed over to the library located at Main St & 13th.  This is one of the coolest libraries I've been too.  It's a 2 story renovated historic building (old City Hall maybe?).  The girls loved the elevator and stairs.  In the children's area there is a large bay window with seats and stained glass where you can sit and read (or people watch?).  There is also a table where kids can color or read their books.

More info about the park and library here.

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