Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Zoo!

Tulsa has a great zoo and they're in the middle of major renovations that will make it even greater!  This summer we plan on visiting almost every week.  This was our first trip.  Don't worry, I don't plan on documenting our zoo trip every week...unless I see something particularly cute or weird.  More info about the zoo here.

Am I the only parent that makes my kids pose on the tiger statues EVERY time we visit the zoo?

Checking out the turtles.  This is one of their favorite parts.  It's not even IN the zoo.  Go figure.

Again..."Stand by that big ball and I'll take your picture".  Sheesh.

Seeing if she measures up to becoming a chimp.  Don't worry, you're close.  Real close.

We spent more time watching the chimps than we did at any other exhibit...even the playground.  Chimps are amazing animals...weird, but amazing.

Backyard habitat area.  Yeah, I wish my backyard looked like that.

Oklahoma wetlands exhibit.  This one stresses me out so bad I have nightmares because there are no railings.  That's why I make them sit to watch the turtles.

It really is a neat area though. 


Picnicing at the playground.  You can see the Sea Lion makeover in the background.  Can't wait until that one opens back up.

The Rainforest.  This is one of the coolest exhibits in the history of zoo exhibits and it freaks me out because some of the animals aren't in cages.  Luckily they all cooperated this time.

Grr, the "extras".  She loves it though.

 The petting zoo.  They chase the goats and sheep around with brushes.  Poor goats and sheep.

My monkeys.

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