Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cheap and Simple Stuff: Homemade Laundry Soap

I made laundry soap today.  I got my recipe from  I doubled it because I do A LOT of laundry.  It took 10 minutes to mix up.  I won't go in to great detail why I'm making my own.  The short answer: 1. cheaper 2. better for environment, i.e. phosphate free 3. less waste 4. take that, Tide.

2 cups borax
2 cups washing soda (not to be confused with baking soda)
2 bars ivory soap, shredded

Assemble your ingredients.  The borax and soda can be found on the laundry aisle at Reasor's.  It seems like they were $3-$4 each.  I included the white vinegar in there because it can be used as a natural fabric softener as well as a washer cleaner.

Shred your soap.  I used ivory but had a few other suggestions.  I just used my cheese grater to shred it.

Mix it up.  At this point it looks like the stuff that I put in Stuffed Shells.

Pour it in a container.  I bought this cute one for $7 at Walmart of all places.  You could totally reuse an old yogurt or cool-whip container.  Throw in a tablespoon to measure it out. 

Some of you are thinking, "Dang, those are big boxes of borax and soda.  I'll never use all of it."  Fear not, there are many other uses besides laundry.  Removes crayon?!?!?  Woooohoo!

That's it!  Use 1-2 tablespoons for each load of laundry depending on your type of washer and how dirty your clothes are.

I haven't tried it yet.  I have to find something to wash.  It shouldn't take long around here.  I'll update soon.


It worked!  I washed a load of white clothes with 2 tablespoons soap and some vinegar for fabric softener.  They came out clean and smelling like they just took a bath!  yay!

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