Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Homeschool : F is for Fall

So, this week is the first official week of me being a full time stay at home mom.  I've always worked at least part time so this is a big change for us.  In an effort to prevent my 2 little ones from being behind when they start pre-k next year (because they really were learning A LOT at daycare) I've decided to do a little homeschooling with them every day.  We're not going to be super structured or strict with it...I mean they're three...but I want them to at least know their colors, how to count, and how to write a few letters.

This week our theme is Fall.  We're talking about and practicing the letter F, talking about colorful fall leaves, talking about and experiencing Fair Food, and talking about Football.  Important stuff.

Day #1 Football and "F"
The girls did an "F" worksheet and actually surprised me at how well they traced the lines.  Maybe this won't be so hard.  They also colored a football player color sheet and we talked about how daddy used to play football and who our favorite team is (University of Oklahoma of course).  Which led in to our craft for today...making OU t-shirts.  We waited for Sister to get home to do this one so she could have a shirt too.

 big sister's shirt

little sisters' shirt

Instructions for the shirts can be found here.
And all worksheets can be printed for free from Education.com

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