Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm back! Sorta.

Wow.  I have been super sick for about 9 weeks now.  Blah.  After 3 trips to ER, 6 different doctors, too many tests and labs to count my GI doctor finally figured out I have an active CMV (Cytomegalovirus) infection.  It's one of two viruses that cause Mono.  There is no treatment...just rest and TLC.  I thought I'd quickly mention my symptoms and timeline in case someone out there also has a "mystery disease".

heat exhaustion
low blood sugar
light headed
heart palpitations - benign PVC
panic attacks / anxiety
rapid heartbeat / slow heartbeat
fever / feeling hot with no fever
intolerance to caffeinne
intolerance to alcohol
motion sickness
muscle weakness
joint pain

loss of appetite
more of the above

light headed
heart palpitations (although much less)

I was previously diagnosed with possible low hormones, panic disorder/generalized anxiety, Lyme disease, acid reflux, sinus infection, possible gall bladder infection, and possible adrenal gland tumor.  I had low potassium at the beginning (dehydration?), elevated Lipase at one point, and an abnormal clotting factor.  I was prescribed too many meds to list and am currently only taking Omeprazole for acid reflux, Multi-vitamins, Probiotics (after 2 rounds of antibiotics), and Claritin for allergies.  My CMV reactivation was probably due to stress so in addition to the 6 weeks I've been off work I'm taking another few weeks off to make sure I'm well rested before adding that back to my life.  Gotta take care of me and my family first.

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