Sunday, October 2, 2011

diy 4x4 pumpkins

I saw these on Pinterest.  I usually prefer to put a few real pumpkins on my front porch but the past few years my dog has decided that I've left them there for him to eat.

Step #1:  Find your husband, dad, boyfriend, brother, neighbor.  Unless you know how to use power tools.

Step #2:  Find or buy a 4x4 piece of lumber.

Step #3:  Cut 4x4 in to various lengths.  I think these are 24", 18", and 14".

Step #4:  Find a tree branch.

Step #5:  Cut branch in to 3-4" lengths.

Step #6:  Give leftovers to the dog.

Step #7:  Drill holes in 4x4s and tree branches and insert these double-sided bolt things.

Step #8:  Paint 4x4s orange then lightly sand them to distress them a bit.

Step #9:  Screw branches on to 4x4s

Step #10: Find some baling wire and wrap it around branches to look like vine and around the 4x4s to secure them together.

I took it a step further and turned it around and drew jack o' lantern faces on the other side.  Halloween and Fall decor in one.

Original idea can be found at You Craft Me Up.

I linked up to the Motivational Monday party at Three Mango Seeds.


  1. Really cute idea!!

    Just found your blog through Clydia's. New follwer here.

  2. Kim, what a cute idea!! LOVE your blog!! Congrats on your Versatile Blogger Award!! I am now following you via Three Mango Seeds; and I hope you will follow me, too!! Many blessings to you!