Monday, October 10, 2011

Homeschool: E is for Elephant

We had sort of a weird week last week with some of us catching colds then having to spend part of the week shopping for and baking a birthday cake, so last week's theme has carried over to this week!

E is for Elephant.  Yep, we spent an entire week learning about elephants.  Why not?  When you homeschool your kids you can teach them anything you want...especially when they're three.  And elephants are cool.

So, we practiced the letter E, learned about different kinds of elephants and where they live, learned about the different body parts of elephants (like tusks), talked about the color gray, and visited our local zoo to see real elephants up close.

For some odd reason I forgot to take pictures at the elephant exhibit at the zoo.  We were too busy watching them play I guess.
Worksheets can be found at and

P.S.  If you haven't caught on yet we're following the Handwriting Without Tears workbook.  Next up is "P".

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