Thursday, October 20, 2011

Homeschool: P is for Pumpkin

It's been another crazy week at our house!  We had big plans for the letter P but daddy got hurt at work and we had to kind of put life on hold for a few days and miss the Pumpkin Patch field trip.  We'd rather have our daddy anyway!

P is for Pumpkin.  This week we practiced writing Ps and curved lines, learned about the color orange, painted our toenails orange, tasted pumpkin bread, and colored and painted (yikes) pumpkins.

I also thought I'd share what our little work space looks like.  My awesome husband built me a custom bulletin board a couple of months ago.  It was originally intended to be a message center but we're using it for preschool now.  Each kid has their own space to hang their works of art.  It's also where I do my menu planning.

Big sister stayed home sick from school the days we painted so she joined in the fun.  It's one of her favorite activities so I'm glad she got to do it.

 We had just gotten home from Old Navy with some new threads...can you tell?

I promise not to take pics of my kids coloring next time.  They're really amazing me with their tracing and remembering the letters already though.  Kids are smart.

One of the days we were at the hospital the kids stayed home with our awesome neighbor, Mrs. Judy, and made these paper bag pumpkins.

Printables can be found at and

Next up...N is for Newspaper.  This one should be interesting.

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