Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Ok, I'm a few days late.  I was sick again at the beginning of the week.  Never.  Ending.  Anywho, we decided in light of recent events that we should just stay home this weekend and spend some stress-free time as a family.  Instead of the usual carnivals, trick-or-treating, and trunk-or-treating we had our first annual costume slumber party.

We had to keep with the fall carnival theme so for dinner we had Frito Chili Pie and Root Beer Floats.  And for dessert we had S'mores.  We even decorated the house a little with a home-made banner that I printed from (I think).

The girls' got their own make-up from Target earlier that day and we let them go wild with it.  And it was pretty wild.  Then we had a costume fashion show while we watched Casper.  I think they changed costumes four or five times.  And they didn't once put on the costumes we had talked about prior to this weekend...princess, mommy, and a was all stuff we had at home.

We're long as the girls don't protest...that we'll make this our halloween tradition from now on.  Oh, and don't worry....the girls got goodie bags full of candy and money from Grandma, Aunt Berta, and Mrs. Judy and we got them some Reese's pumpkins too.

 Frito Chili Pie and Root Beer Float.  We don't let our kids have pop so this was a real treat for them.  "Pop AND ice cream?!?!"

S'mores cooked in the oven.  Assemble, wrap in foil, cook under broiler for 4-5 minutes.

I thought I'd show a before and after of each girl.  A wouldn't let me touch her face.  Apparently, I'm not good at putting make-up on.  The before is mommy's make-up application.  The after is their own.

K before

K after

L before

L after

Our Halloween banner we colored

Costume #1: Belle, OU Cheerleader, Nurse

Costume #2: Barbie Musketeer, Tinker Bell, Snow White

Costume #3: Lowe's carpenter, OU Cheerleader, Police Officer

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