Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Homeschool: All About Me K & L

The twins are 3 1/2.  They need to start recognizing their own name and each other's names...or at least the first letter.  We label a lot of their stuff with their first initial.  I thought we'd combine learning the letters K & L with the theme All About Me.

Draw your face...
Printable can be found at Mrs. Nelson's Class.

Kaelyn did a pretty good job!  Not sure what's on her forehead.  I was afraid to ask.

My favorite things collage

Apparently Lauren likes make-up.  And that green thing on the right is a green Kool-Aid tongue.  She likes it when her Kool-Aid changes her tongue colors.  True story.

Me Posters
Trace your kid on butcher paper.  Let them draw clothes, a face, hair, fingernails, etc.  We also included some facts about each kid.  And since the girls' attention span is only about 20 minutes (and my patience) the next day we labeled their body parts.  I just typed up some names of body parts and printed them off. 

Yes, my kid's favorite food is salad.  She would eat it at every meal.

Mommy and Me interviews...
Printable can be found at Becky Higgins.

Letter K & L worksheets can be found at education.com and twistynoodle.com.

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  1. Oh, you're much better than I am. I need to do this with Wyatt...he would love it!