Friday, December 23, 2011

Homeschool : C is for Christmas and W is for Winter

Wow, have we been crafting fools the past two weeks or what?  We combined W and C and talked about all things Winter and Christmas. 

Gingerbread Houses
We followed directions at Caked Alaska

Donut Reindeer (some of us got it more than others)

Cotton ball beard Santa
(I apologize.  I am too lazy to look up the link to the Santa face.  Just google "Santa face template")

This craft had such potential.  So cute.

I leave the room for literally 10 seconds and come back to this.  After they finished Santa's beard they decided he needed a cotton balled mustache too.  Then a cotton balled hat.  Then he needed "snow balls" on his face.  And all over the rest of the paper.

This is big sister's.

 Snowman (my oldest came up with and executed this one all by herself)

Snowman (I like crafts that are made out of simple shapes)

Holiday Lights (we talked about colors and patterns on this one)



Smallest to Biggest Christmas tree

Christmas tree decorated with scraps of wrapping paper and ribbon

Handprint Wreath (please don't look at the crumbs on my table.  It has taken an hour to get this far and I don't want to re-do it)

Milk Jug snowman

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Whew!  We also did our usual letter (C&W) worksheets and colorsheets from and

Next up: M is for Music

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