Monday, October 29, 2012

Blog Revamp

Hello.  I'm thinking of revamping my blog.  My most popular posts are those pertaining to homeschool activities.  I'm also thinking about adding in some pediatric physical therapy posts.  And tailoring my recipes to kid-friendly foods. 

What do you all think?


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Homeschool : O is for Olympics

We've been lazy with our school work this summer.  It is, after all, summer vacation.  We're almost done with all our letters and what better timing to learn O and G than during the Summer Olympics!

O is for Olympics

We did all our Olympics activities in one night and had an Olympics Party!

Our first activity was a Chore Relay.  Basically I used a stopwatch and the girls did their normal chores.  They loved racing each other and beating their previous time!  Medal clip art can be found here.

Our next activity was an Olympic Rings Tally.  I found a clip art of the rings here and added my own wording at the top and divided it up for each of the girls.

The little girls didn't quite get the concept but big sister has done tally marks at school so she showed them how.  They found 20+ in about 10 minutes!

Next we glued torn paper on to big Os.  You can print any letter in dot form at, one of our favorite sites!

We talked about patterns while we did this one!

Next we did some coloring.  I think I got this color sheet at but now I can't find it!

We had to stop for a snack break and enjoyed some popcorn with M&M snack mix.

Big sis did some Olympic themed worksheets found here and here.

Little girls did an O worksheet found here.

Our grand finale was paper plate Olympic Rings!  I cut the centers out of paper plates by cutting straight through the edge of the plate so the rings would open.  Then the girls glued on some more torn paper in the appropriate colors.  When they were done we hooked them all together and taped them!  They turned out great!

Next up!  G is for Gymnastics!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Family Vacation 2012

Our family recently took a big trip to Estes Park, Colorado!  We had an awesome time!  Here's some highlights from our trip...

 Our first stop (besides lunch...that was Coyote Bluff Cafe in Amarillo, TX.  Great burgers.) was Santa Fe, NM.  We decided to stay over-night here on our way up.

This is the train station.

This is the hotel where we stayed.  It was very nice.  Santa Fe Motel & Inn.  It's within walking distance of the train station and the Plaza.  It was clean, authentic, had a GREAT free breakfast, and the staff was super nice and helpful.

The walkway outside our room.

Our next stop was the Pecos National Historical Park in Pecos, NM.  We had fun exploring the ruins of the church.

 Our next stop was Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO.  I can't even describe how amazing this place is.  It's a must-see.

Our cabin in Estes Park, CO!  We stayed at Paradise on the River RV Park.  It's conveniently located west of town near the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.  The cabins were small for a family of 5 but very clean and well kept.  And even though our neighbors were super close it was still really quiet!

Estes Park on busy Memorial Day.

The girls signing up for the Junior Ranger program

Upper Beaver Meadows

Sprague Lake

Rainbow Curve - it was high and cold here.  Very high and very cold.  Not sure why L doesn't have her jacket on.

 Hidden Valley

We found snow at Hidden Valley!


 Lawn Lake Flood/Alluvial Fan - This. Place. Was. Awesome!  We even went back a second time.

We had so much fun climbing on the rocks!

Big Horn Sheep!

 Mule Deer!

We took a day trip down to Idaho Springs, CO to tour the Argo Gold Mine.

Seriously, spend the extra $6 to do the Gems.  The girls had so much more fun finding gems than gold.

Graduating from the Junior Ranger Program!

Fishing at Trout Haven Pond




Another elk.  He was a big one.

 Our last night in Colorado.  This was one of the most beautiful things we've ever seen.

There it is!  I only took about 300 photos on this trip so this is really only a few.  We had a great time and we're looking forward to our next trip, Disneyland 2013!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Small Town Icons

We recently received a postcard in the mail telling about the upcoming auction of our local feed store.  I decided to snap a few photos of it in its current state before another of our small town icons is gone forever.

Here's another structure from my childhood that won't be around much longer...The Lookout at the lake.  My dad used to take us out to the lake during the summer.  We'd hike on trails, splash in the water on the old highway, hunt for fossils, and explore the Lookout.

And the old playground equipment at the lake.  These won't be around much longer either.  Lead paint safety hazard and all.

So, speaking of documentary photography here's a book about the Dust Bowl and two of my favorite photographs from the book.  Many of the photos were taken by Dorothea Lange.  You can see more of her photographs here, including her famous "Migrant Mother".