Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Birthday!

We celebrated our oldest daughter's 7th birthday this weekend.  I'm not posting any party shots out of privacy for the little party guests.  But, here are some photos of the party room and decorations...and, of course, the birthday girl.  Our theme was Ladybug Princess.  She picked that because she couldn't decide between ladybugs and princess.  The colors were pink, purple, and red.

The birthday banner.  I made this out of cardstock and scrapbook paper and just hung it on an old frame we had.  It can be used for other parties as well.

I let her decorate her own cake this year.  She didn't do too bad!  I baked it, assembled it, and crumb-coated it then let her go wild with frosting, candy pearls, and string pearls.  And, a princess tiara to top it off.

All the party girls got a princess tiara, a ladybug coloring sheet, and a goodie bag to decorate.

The grown-up cupcakes

The cupcake decorating station
(cupcake wrappers by Brandi at The Creative Princess!)

  The girls decorated their own ladybug cupcakes with Hershey Kisses and M&Ms.

I saw this idea on Pinterest.  Dish out the ice cream before the party then put them back in the freezer until you need them.  Seriously, people, do it.  It'll make your life SO MUCH EASIER!  Little kids don't like to wait for you to dish out ice cream.  And you don't like to be up to your elbows in melted ice cream during the party either.

The party room

 Ladybug Pinata
I also made the spiral streamers.  You can see those here.

Pinata goodies

Poofs made by Brandi at The Creative Princess!

That's it!  We had 10 out of the 14 girls we invited come to the party.  Plus we had a couple of little brothers and sisters and cousins.  It was a very loud and busy party!  The girls had a blast!

EDIT!  Oh my goodness!  I forgot the invitations!  We made these out of simple shapes so my daughter could help.

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