Thursday, January 19, 2012

Homeschool : B is for Bird

B is for Bird.  We had a lot of fun with this one.

We checked out this bird book from our local library.  We referenced it several times throughout the week.

Bird Feeder #1 : Pipe cleaners & Cereal

We used Alpha-Bits cereal.  I'd like to say I planned that but that's all the cereal we had that had holes in it.  It worked out great, though, because we were able to pick through and find all the B's.  We read the section in our bird book about what birds eat.  They eat seeds, bugs, fruit, small animals, large didn't say anything about dry cereal.

This is a great fine motor activity too.

We're not sure if the birds liked them because the dog ate them before they could taste it. 

Paper Plate Birds : Paper Plates & Colored Paper

 These turned out so cute.  Fold your plate in half and glue scraps of colored paper all over.  We also cut out eyes and beaks.

Accordian fold a full sheet of paper and insert through the plate.  We used a razor blade to cut a slit.

 Bird Feeder #2 : Upcycled snowman jug & bird seed

We reused our water jugs from when we made snowmen in December (in background) and filled them with bird seed.

Bird Feeder # 3 : TP rolls & PB & bird seed

Save your TP and paper towel rolls!  Coat with peanut butter.

Eat some.

Roll in bird seed.

We hung ours in our trees with yarn.

We also did letter B worksheets from and and a Fins or Feathers? worksheet from as well.  Here is another bird worksheet I JUST found that would have been great too.

Next up : R is for Rain

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  1. how fun! Treyvens gonna love this stuff :)