Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Homeschool: X Marks the Spot

Our letter this week was X.  There aren't many preschool words that start with X so we did a treasure hunt theme.  The girls read books about treasure hunts and treasure maps.  They went on a photo treasure hunt.  And this week we started our sensory box.  We'll change it out for each theme, but this week it had X's in it.  They also did letter X worksheets from education.com and twistynoodle.com.

 X Marks the Spot and The Treasure Map turned out to be awesome books.  The girls flipped through and found all the X's.  There were a lot!

 Photo Treasure Hunt : I took photos of random places in our house, printed them out, and placed them around the house where one photo would lead to the next with the last photo being our homework table with a prize on it.  Our girls are 3 so they had to be simple, recognizable places but you could make this harder for older kids by zooming in on an object so they'd have to figure it out more.  They LOVED this game and we played it several times.  It was good exercise for us too - running around the house and up and down the stairs.

 The prize!  CANDY!

 This is our sensory box.  It's a small "shoebox" reusable container filled with dry rice.  I threw in anything with an X on it this week plus some other random little things they'd have to sort through like a golf ball, hair clip, other letters, etc.  You could make this harder for older kids by putting in objects that start with X. 

I've mentioned my kids are freaks right?  I drew a "map" on our white board with dotted lines that led to an "X".  They had to trace the lines to get to the "X".  We talked about directional words like around, left, right, next to, etc. as well as colors...."go around the purple bike."

 Yarn X's.  The girls glued bits of yarn to paper to make X's.

That's it!  Next up...Y is for Yellow Yarn.

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