Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day

I wrote this last year on Valentine's Day.  I still feel the same way so I thought I'd repost it.

Happy Valentine's Day!  This is my least favorite holiday for so many reasons!  Here are my top 5...

5.  Valentine's cards - those little ones you have to buy for your kid's class.  $4 for a box of paper that they will promptly rip to shreds and throw in the trash.  This is why I buy them for 0.25 after Valentine's Day.  I don't feel as bad that way.  {alternative} Make your own Valentine's cards out of old cards or construction paper.  Or, as before, find some on clearance.

4.  Flower and Balloon deliveries - I remember the library at the high school being FULL of deliveries on Valentine's Day.  My mom never sent anything to the school.  She always made sure we had a little gift first thing in the morning.  No need to make a big production out of it.  It never bothered me that I didn't get a dozen roses in my favorite color from my parents or a boyfriend.  But I'm sure it bothers a lot of kids.  And that's not fair.  {alternative} Make little gestures to your loved ones throughout the year.

3.  JEWELRY COMMERCIALS - those are not real life, people.  Nuff said.  {alternative} Make your own jewelry.  Or have your kids make some.  Or enlist a talented friend like Cindy at WyBeadery.  Or just forget those commercials even exist.

2.  High expectations - some women expect their significant other to go above and beyond to profess their love.  These poor men are scrambling the day before (or the day of) to buy a card at WalMart.  Women get angry if their man doesn't show up with sparkly jewelry or pretty flowers.  I learned a long time ago to set my expectations very low...or not at all.  Then when he goes out of his way to make you feel special it's really because he cares.  Not because he knows you're expecting it and will key his car if it doesn't happen. {alternative} Accept your guy for who and what he is.  Don't guilt him in to extravagant gifts that hold no meaning.

1.  CANDY - just like Halloween and Easter.  The girls end up with WAY TOO MUCH CANDY! {alternative} JUST SAY NO!  We love candy at our house.  Especially chocolate!  But a little goes a long way.  My favorite Valentine treat in Ashlyn's box this year was lip gloss.  Very practical.  Thank you to whoever did that by the way.

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