Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tulsa Air and Space Museum

We visited the Tulsa Air and Space Museum this week to supplement our U is for Up lesson...and just 'cause it's fun.  We took PaPa along too.  He digs this sort of thing.

Whoa!  Those are some big wheels!

I hate that this is blurry.  She was being a goof all day.

What Tulsa International Airport looked like in the 50s.

They have super awesome volunteers/guides.  These guys love to talk to the kids about aviation.

This one in particular...Bob I think...was our personal guide for about 30 minutes.

PaPa firing up the engine.

Here's another one of the guides

The movie at the planetarium.  It made us all dizzy.

I think they call this Tinker Town.  It's the upstairs of the museum and it's full of hands on engineering type things for the kids to experiment and build with.

Giant Light Brite!

Lauren trying to figure out the Spirograph.


  1. That looks like fun! How much is admission?

  2. It's $12 for adults and 3 and under are free. I think kids 4 and older are $8 or $10. They do offer a senior and military discount. It's an all day thing if you bring a sack lunch. They also have a big fenced in playground. We didn't play outside today because it was kinda yucky out.