Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tallgrass Prairie and Osage Hills State Park

We spent part of our Spring Break exploring Osage county in Oklahoma.  We started our weekend visiting Tallgrass Prairie, a big (I mean, BIG) nature preserve that is home to hundreds of wild bison.  Then, we headed over to Osage Hills State Park to camp in one of their cabins.  Here are way too many photos of our trip.

Tallgrass Prairie

this is the sign when you enter the preserve

 the bison walk right in front of your car.

 baby bison.

 big bison.

 the museum and visitor center. 

the ranch house


 they have a short hiking trail that winds through the prairie (don't worry, no bison here)

Osage Hills State Park

Our cabin


 the swings in the cabin area

 the playground in the RV area

 deer tracks

 "big dog" tracks (or mountain lion)

 critter holes

 armadillo...what was probably living in the critter holes

 group cabins

 little hiking feet

 little hikers

 hiking shoes

 the bluffs

 the lake

 we're really getting into this backpacking/hiking stuff.  note the tootbrush we may have needed on our 45 minute hike on a 1/4 mile trail.

 Lauren is the only one that will stop and let me take her picture.


I love this one.  Sun in your face...wind in your hair.  Doesn't get much better than that.

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  1. I am now convinced you're right...we need to take Wyatt up there! And I think the cabin was charming!

  2. It really was neat. I'd go back.