Saturday, June 16, 2012

Small Town Icons

We recently received a postcard in the mail telling about the upcoming auction of our local feed store.  I decided to snap a few photos of it in its current state before another of our small town icons is gone forever.

Here's another structure from my childhood that won't be around much longer...The Lookout at the lake.  My dad used to take us out to the lake during the summer.  We'd hike on trails, splash in the water on the old highway, hunt for fossils, and explore the Lookout.

And the old playground equipment at the lake.  These won't be around much longer either.  Lead paint safety hazard and all.

So, speaking of documentary photography here's a book about the Dust Bowl and two of my favorite photographs from the book.  Many of the photos were taken by Dorothea Lange.  You can see more of her photographs here, including her famous "Migrant Mother".

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