Saturday, June 9, 2012

Travel Activities for Kids

We just got back from our family vacation to Estes Park, CO.  I thought I'd share some of the ways we entertained the girls in the car.

First, we needed a cool bag to keep all our goodies in.  These are No-Sew pillowcase bags.  They can double as an actual pillowcase for their pillow pets in the car too. Each girl gets one, as well as mommy.  It is literally a pillowcase and ribbon.  I'll show you how in a later post.

This is what was in each bag...

Small Cookie Sheet - Walmart 0.92 each; These will be used as a snack tray, a table, a magnetic board, etc.  I've seen them painted with chalkboard paint but chalk is messy in the car.  These were a little small for coloring books and the puzzles I bought but they worked.

Travel Activity Book and License Plate Game Book

Magnets - ABCs and 123s

Travel Hotwheels Felt Mat - One sheet of felt fits perfectly on the small cookie sheet

Felt Funny Faces - Each of the girls gets two faces.  I thought these were awesome but the girls didn't even play with them the whole week.

Coloring Books

One idea I found while searching was to put toys and activities into surprise bags. I let the girls take turns choosing a number then they get to open the bag and play with what's inside.

This is what is in the surprise bags...

Wind-Up Toys - 2/$3 at Walmart

Wax Sticks and Pipe Cleaners (in separate bags), $1 each at Dollar Tree.  These probably held the girls' interest the longest.

Pinwheels 3/$1 at Dollar Tree.  I really thought they'd like these but...not so much.

Princess Toys - Top, Yo-Yo, Kaleidoscope, Paddle Ball; $1 at Dollar Tree.  They also really liked these and played with them at our cabin.

Brain Teasers - $1 at Dollar Tree.  Not interested in these AT ALL.

Novelty Games - Cheap at Hobby Lobby during a 40% off sale.  They loved these little games...especially the Pinball one.

Puzzles with magnets attached on back - $1 each at Target and Dollar Tree.  These puzzles kept one of our 4 year olds busy for a LONG time in the car.  And they played with them at the cabin too.

Funky Pens - $1 each pkg at Target

And here is what I'll keep in my bag along with the above "surprise" bags.

Reusable Sticker Books - The big ones are from and made by Melissa and Doug.  They were like $5 each and they're HUGE!  The girls LOVED these.

A Colorado and New Mexico notebook I made filled with "homework" about CO and NM

Brain Quest - the girls love "trivia" and we love to laugh at their funny answers.

I'll share our trip in a few upcoming posts as well as the snack boxes the girls had.

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