Sunday, June 10, 2012

Travel Snack Box

I saw this idea on Pinterest and it worked REALLY great for our girls on our recent trip to Colorado!  The snacks lasted almost all week without a refill and the girls enjoyed "picking" what they wanted to eat everyday.  It also solved the constant "I'm hungry"'s from the back seat.  And, I know what you're thinking...It looks like the kids would dump it out all over the car.  I only found a few stray almonds and cherries when I cleaned out the car after our trip!  They did so good not to spill it!

Our snack boxes included : cheddar goldfish, chocolate gold fish, almonds, dried cherries, a granola bar, a fruit roll up, pretzel sticks, marshmallows, mini peanut butter ritz, M&Ms, gummies, and chocolate covered plums.  The little white containers were for blueberries and grapes.  I kept their box in the insulated picnic bag with our water and gatorade to keep the fruit cool.

We liked the snack boxes so well that we're doing it at home too.  I fill up their boxes on Sunday and they have it all week!  We can take them to the pool, park, zoo, etc. too!

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