Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year. New Goals. Menu Planning.

I'm starting something new.  Or restarting something old and adding to it.  I've gotten out of the habit of planning our weekly menus and using coupons around here and it's caused our grocery spending to skyrocket.  So, in order to keep better track of it I'm sharing it with all (ten) of you.

We shop every 2 weeks on pay day.  We eat out once a week and my mom cooks dinner for us once a week (sweet, huh?).  So, I plan 10 meals for the 2 weeks.  Eventually I'm going to list prices on each meal but I forgot this time and threw away my receipt.

So, here is Week #1 : December 28 - January 10

Friday 28 - Sandwiches with Chips : bread, deli lunch meat, deli cheese, condiments, lettuce, tomato, chips
Saturday 29 - Stuffed Shells with Salad and Bread : shells, ricotta, mozzarella, cottage cheese, tomato sauce, salad, bread
Sunday 30 - Mom's
Monday 31 - We had two meals today since daddy was home from work and it was NYE.  Popcorn Chicken and Tots : chicken, tots and Nachos : chips, beans, Velveeta, rotel
Tuesday 1 - Tacos : tortillas, meat, beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, avocado, salsa
Wednesday 2 - Pot Roast : roast, potatoes, carrots, green beans, brown gravy mix
Thursday 3 - Mac's BBQ (we had a gift certificate)
Friday 4 - O Pasta with Fried Zucchini : tortellini, tomato sauce, zucchini
Saturday 5 - Cheesy Chicken : chips, rotel, cream of chicken soup, cheese, can chicken
Sunday 6 - Mom's
Monday 7 - Spaghetti with Broccoli and Bread : spaghetti, tomato sauce, broccoli, bread
Tuesday 8 - Breakfast : eggs, bacon, pancakes, OJ
Wednesday 9 - Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans and Bread : meat, meatloaf mix, ketchup, potatoes, brown gravy mix, green beans, bread
Thursday 10 - pay day!  Papa Murphy's Pizza B1G1 50% off coupon

Total Spending including a bunch of items not listed (like two bags of dog food eek!) $340.

Holy Moly that's unacceptable.  It's still better than what we spent before menu planning and coupons a few years ago...$200 EVERY WEEK....but it could be a LOT better.

So, there it included if applicable.  And next time there'll be a price break down along with it.

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