Monday, March 4, 2013

Organizing the House : Dining Room

I'm on an organizing/cleaning kick.  It's about time.  This place is a mess.

I found a 14 week challenge at A Bowl Full of Lemons that I'm going to start following.  They're on Week #9 for the second time so I've missed a lot.

This week's area is the Dining Room.  I kind of thought it'd be a waste of time since I don't store a lot in the Dining Room, but I just spent about an hour cleaning it out and reassembling it!  And now I want to paint.

Here's a few photos of what I did...

This is the Dining Room

This is a small cabinet.  The two small drawers will have straws, napkins, etc.  (The lamp base is upstairs.  I know.  It looks weird.)
This is inside the small cabinet.  I never thought to store our paper products in here.  It used to have random junk in it.

This is a straw holder thingy I whipped up today.  It was a Pringles can.


I'm not showing before because it doesn't LOOK that much different.  Now I just need some paint!

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