Monday, May 20, 2013

Vintage Kitty and Puppy Birthday Party

Oh, hi.  It's been a while.

We celebrated our twins' 5th birthday this weekend.  One wanted a cat party.  One wanted a dog party.  Of course.  So we comprimised, as we often do, and came up with a Vintage Kitty and Puppy Party. 

We don't do birthday parties very big so I wanted something super simple and easy to throw together.

I found some vintage printables on etsy and cut some illustrations out of some old books we had.  We also just happened to have The Poky Little Puppy and The Shy Little Kitten in our library.  Easy decorations. 

I made the cupcakes...Chocolate with Chocolate buttercream and Vanilla with Vanilla buttercream...and topped them with the printables I found on etsy.  I also mixed together some "pet food"...just some Scooby Snacks, pretzels, goldfish grahams, and cereal...and served it from a pet dish.

We made puppy and kitty ears out of paper bags we had at the house.  And the guests all took home a cup with candy, stickers, and eraser bones.  The cups are Little Golden Book from  We got lucky that they only featured The Shy Little Kitten.





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